Domenico Dragonetti – World Premiere Recording

On May 29, 2014

Soon will be released Paolo Benelli’s debut album “Solos for Double bass” containing Domenico Dragonetti’s  original compositions for double bass and piano.

This world premiere recordings, published by the newly formed record label “Finest Art Records”, collects some unreleased works, from the Venetian double bassist lived, for the most in London, across eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

The collection will be distributed at and by Naxos of America.



“In his first recording, Paolo Benelli proposes the work of Domenico Dragonetti through a brilliant execution inspired by the composer, with an interpretation which revives some of Dragonetti’s forgotten scores.

It is always exciting to hear music that has lain unplayed for over 200 years, and it is the most wonderful gift that Paolo could give to bassists and music lovers generally, the sensation that playing the pieces is both effortless and fun, is characteristic of the virtuoso who astonishes his audience with captivating simplicity.

The Venetian composer’s scores which are presented here have, a lively rhythm which in the faster movements becomes a waltz, a waltz full of Venetian chiaro scuro, at times humorous at times shady where the Doublebass sings throughout its range and colours describing the Venetian streets shrouded in mist, listen…. “

Stefano Sciascia

Adagio “Solo dal trio di Corelli”

Allegro “Solo n 8”

Variazioni su tema di minuetto “Solo n 29”


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