Domenico Dragonetti’s original manuscripts

On May 3, 2013

In this video you can consult Domenico  Dragonetti’s manuscripts, used for the preparation of the collection “Solos for double bass”, the title is present on the first pages of the piano parts, along with a thematic catalog.

The first impression, is that the Master’s works, were ready for publication, but it did not happen, in fact the publisher and friend Vincent Novello gift to the British Museum all Dragonetti’s works, many of which still have never been published.

Basically, i think few people were able to play them, perhaps no one could perform those compositions! Given the high technical expertise required in most of them, therefore unfit for marketing, but to preservation, as evidence of high artistic level, at one of the major English institutions.

For best experience, open the player directly into youtube site, select the hd definition, and open the full screen.

Listen to some Domenico Dragonetti’s solos samples


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